Nature has a 3.8 billion year head start on innovation…

We, as humans, are actually an incredibly young species, having only arrived some 200 000 years ago. That is almost insignificant, measured against the time that life has existed on this planet, some 3.8 billion years. Over countless ages, life has learnt to tap into and work with natural forces and processes to produce models exquisite in their design and capabilities.

Most of what we deem human innovation has been ‘invented’ by nature in some shape or other, many times over again, and we’ve only just begun to comprehend the stockpile of solutions laying right outside our doors.

Biomimicry: Doing it nature’s way has become a full blown science.

For most of human history a good portion of all our discoveries has been copied from (or at least inspired by) nature. The fact is that it’s hard to think of any clean, elegant solution that nature hasn’t already invented. This means we have the opportunity to distill solutions from systems that have been flawlessly operating for millions of years. This is the process of biomimicry. It’s not new. We have been doing it for as long as we’ve existed. The difference is that now we are consciously making a study of systems, as well as solutions. Not just asking ‘how’, but ‘why’?

BioWise background

Biomimicry is all about learning from and emulating nature. BioWise aims to effect positive change by promoting and enabling the practice of biomimicry through events, educational resources, online courses and discovery parks.

Have you ever looked at a termite and seen an architect? Have you ever looked at a tree and wondered how it thrives rooted to the spot? Have you ever looked at a forest and seen lessons for living? Have you ever looked at a landfill site and thought “there must be a better way”?  Do the words “A sustainable world already exists” (Janine Benyus) make you prick up your ears?

Curiosity sparked?

Whether your answers are yes or no, if these questions have piqued your interest, sparked your curiosity, or made you pause even if just for a moment, then this journey of discovery is for you!  Whoever you are and whatever you do.

A world modelled on natural ecosystems and processes where all life thrives as part of a waste-free, interdependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative system.

To effect positive change by promoting and enabling the practice of biomimicry i.e. of learning from and emulating life’s genius.

Our purpose is to inspire and enable the uptake of biomimicry by individuals and households, professionals and academia, businesses and industry, by organisations and schools, towns and communities and by municipalities and government.

We believe in the value of partnerships and networking and this underpins our approach.

Meet our amazing team

We are all about collaboration, so we have brought together BioWise and The Expedition Project as well as student ambassadors for quality and learning checks.


Founder, BioWise

Sue Swain is the founder of BioWise and the creator of Biomimicry Online’s content.


Founder, The Expedition Project

Roger Wynne is the founder of The Expedition Project and developer and manager of Biomimicry Online.


Focus area – Quality Checks

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