Do not exit lockdown without reading this!

2020 brought about a tremendous amount of reflection around the world. With reflection comes re-evaluating. With re-evaluating comes a redesign of your life…

If you would like to take a new journey with us then join us over at Biomimicry Online:

– An online course broken up into accessible modules of 2 hours each

– Each module is self contained allowing you to take small steps but gain deep insight

– A combination of recorded video lessons, text transcripts, photo examples, exercises, live-streams, quizzes and additional resources

– Course access does not expire while you are a TEP member and you can complete modules at home

– Learn about connections to the Global Goals and other projects

– And a certificate of completion

Biomimicry is probably one of the most important concepts of current times but what is exciting about it is that it can come naturally…after all it is all about emulating nature’s genius.

The undeniable wisdom of Sue Swain of BioWise Garden Route Knysna, will guide you through a series of online modules and in doing so not only open your eyes but encourage you to collaborate with us on your own path…

The facts:

– Learn from nature with ‘to the point’ lessons

– Several presentation methods including video, text, photo, exercises, quizzes, case studies and background information will help any learning style

– Complete lessons at your own pace, wherever you want

– Ask questions during our monthly livestreams

– Convert your online course into ‘at home practice’ with our help

See for yourself – Read our reviews or ask our past or current learners what they think!

Choice fatigue? BOOK first PAY LATER – schedule a video call to get more info, ask questions and get a sample of what’s available.

As a social enterprise your support will go into developing more outstanding products and also support conservation and community organisations we feature and collaborate with – the likes of Nature’s Valley Trust, Provet Animal Hospital, Cape Leopard Trust, Pebbles Project and many more!

But we know times are tough, so if you become a TEP member you will get a massive discount! Enquire for more details. Market rate is £20-£50 per hour for similar products but Biomimicry Online is ONLY £15 per hour!But ACT FAST because this introductory offer will only last for a limited time!

We GUARANTEE that if after you’ve competed your first module you are not completely happy we will give you a 100% refund!

Let the journey begin! 💚🌱

PS: Don’t forget that our price will have to go up SOON!