Grow Your Own

Mutually beneficial partnerships are key in natural systems and central to the BioWise approach. Therefore, in partnership with various businesses and organisations, BioWise will launch a number of campaigns, projects, programs and events that are a practical implementation of the BioWise [r]evolution principles

GROW OUR OWNThe first such project is the “Grow our own” campaign that focuses on the principle of promoting localization. It’s about asking ourselves “how much of what we consume couldn’t we be producing locally?” and committing ourselves to taking up that challenge. Significant entrepreneurial and economic opportunities open up when we wholeheartedly commit to procuring locally.

In partnership with Trusted Traders 

BioWise is launching this “Grow our own” campaign with the making of a specially designed ‘Grow Our Own’ Food Garden Hot House.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • Promote and support local business and job creation
  • Grow the local economy
  • Keeping things close to home (localization i.e. meeting our own needs)
  • Ensure food security
  • Generate opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Upskilling local gardeners
  • Serve as a catalyst for several other “localization” initiatives and campaigns

Showcasing being true to the BioWise [r]evolution principles:

  • All raw materials have been sourced from local suppliers with 5 suppliers deriving benefit from the construction of this hothouse
  • Raw materials used for the infrastructure are either waste materials i.e. old plastic bottles sourced from local recyclers or materials that are helping to restore our natural ecosystems i.e. wattle latte (by removing alien wattle our indigenous vegetation benefits as do our rivers and streams)
  • Veggies are organically grown i.e. in ways that support life, not destroy it
  • no chemical fertilizers
  • no pesticides, only natural pest repellants
  • the hothouse is designed to be fit for purpose.
  • limits bending and aching backs
  • is baboon-proof
  • can be set up anywhere
  • The making of the hothouse is a collaborative initiative based on mutually beneficial partnerships, as it is in nature
  • 5 Trusted Traders local suppliers are supported
  • BioWise is given 5% of purchase price in exchange for consulting and marketing
  • diversity of designs, purchase and maintenance options are available to suit all needs and pockets
  • Feedback systems will be in place to ensure that we can continually improve on the design

THE GENIUS OF NATURE The power of collaboration


Join and be an active part of the ‘Grow Our Own’ campaign.  

Get started and get involved and join Trusted Traders in this initiative !  

Entrepeneurs to grow seedlings

Schools / Clubs / Charties to collect plastic bottles as a buy back scheme

Local Business to support the ‘Grow Our Own’ Campaign by installing a locally made Green-House

Trusted Traders is committed to the BioWise values and has signed up to the BioWise Blueprint. Their purpose is to promote local independently-owned business that provides service excellence and has proven integrity. To be a Trusted Trader you must do what you say you will, by the time you said you would do it and at the fair price you quoted. A Trusted Trader business is committed to keeping things local and as close to home as possible. Read more at and Take The Pledge

Get involved in the ‘Grow Our Own’ initiative.

Being true to Knysna’s doing it naturally, we would like to see a united community in ‘growing our own’ creating sustainable food gardens, living walls, and roof gardens using indigenous trees (sourced from local suppliers) being planted in such a way as to create connectivity within the urban landscape as well as with the broader environmental landscape. From a systems perspective, we would like to see this as part of the overall environmental and aesthetic regeneration of Knysna.

Are you an organisation,entrepreneur or business who is already ‘Growing Your Own’ ?  If so BioWise would love to hear from you and celebrate your naturally ‘bio-wise’ initiative on our page ‘Knysna’s already doing it … naturally’